April 12, 2012

Our Treeless Future Art Show

If you visited the Town Hall this week then you got a chance to see a few dozen interpretations of what trees mean to area 2nd-5th graders.  The 'Our Treeless Future' art project, facilitated by Lauren of our Parks and Leisure department and aided by our intern Jessica and myself, allowed these kids to dream up what a future without trees might look like.

We had a lot of great entries and working with the kids has been a highlight of my time working through the Town.  All of the children we worked with really understood the message.  I think the community can expect some young tree planters in the near future!

The display are in the rotunda.
Best in Show.
Impressive work considering how little time they had to create these.

All the kids did a fantastic job.
My personal favorite.  Check out that sense of perspective!

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