January 30, 2012

Pretty Water

Sometimes I take a long look at the waterways I work in and embrace the natural beauty.

On days like today the beauty is a bit harder to embrace.

Anyone missing a Mountain Dew?

Mmm...frothy like root beer.


In working to complete dry weather screening for large sections of Turkey Creek, I get to see a lot of the good and the bad as far as 'pretty water' goes.  This was not a section of creek that I would call pretty water which makes my job of walking it mile by mile seem all the more important.  Luckily after some testing, my partner and I discovered no notable traces of copper, detergent, chlorine, phenols, or ammonia.  Nonetheless I think it's time another trip is made out this way to clean up all the things you don't need a testing kit to see!

Testing for PH levels.
The testing kit ampoules make for a different kind of pretty water...

January 25, 2012


Stormwater Inlet #2500 was a very special drain to map. It just so happens that this guy is located beside the driveway of Dimmick House where I live. Every morning when I pass him I say hello. He's a quiet guy but I think he's happy to be a part of the life of someone who strives to protect storm-drain-kind. He's experience a really interesting existence - currently he works as a drainage source for the edge of a popular park. Before the park was built he mostly served as a drainage area for what was a Christmas tree farm. He's a uniquely shaped drain who has lived a uniquely shaped life. Here's to you, Ralph.

January 13, 2012

Fun With Caddisfly

The instrumental music for episode one of Somewhat Remarkable Hip-Hop Conflicts of Water Quality is complete!  Take a listen to Katie Caddisfly's beat!  Vocals coming soon!

January 12, 2012

The $ Means She's Awesome

Dob$onfly has undergone many changes in character since we first developed Somewhat Remarkable Hip-Hop Conflicts of Water Quality - but she's as fun and sassy as ever.  Stay tuned for more SRHHCoWQ promo stuff to come.  We're about halfway through with episode one!

January 9, 2012

SRHHCoWQ - What an Acronym!

I can't believe that it has been since September that I began working on "Somewhat Remarkable Hip-Hop Conflicts of Water Quality."  It has been a long (but fun!) process of getting a lot of different tasks completed but things are moving along more quickly than ever.  After much time spent at my desk with headphones plugged in to the computer and my mind unplugged from the world around me the instrumental music for my two benthic macroinvertebrates rappers has been completed.  Stay tuned as I will be posting the music sometime soon!

Hide and Seek

During one of our dry weather screening walks the other day, my partner in crime Jessica and I came across something we'd never seen before - a manhole underwater.  Fascinated as we were we took a few moments to take a few pictures.

Yup.  That's a sewer cover.
This gives you an idea of how deep it was.
Baffled by what could have caused this we presented our findings to the engineering department.  This morning I got to go out and show them where the manhole was.  They did some investigative work to find that beavers had clogged up the drainage to this part of the creek.  They used some heavy machinery to clear it out so now the sewer is high and dry!  Cool!

Soon this area will look less like a swamp and more like a meandering creek.

January 5, 2012


Since arriving as Farragut's premier AmeriCorps I have recycled over 1300 lbs of refuse from Farragut Town Hall and special events.  Sometimes you just have to pat yourself on the back!

I earned it!  Thanks Lauren!

January 3, 2012

Resolute, Don't Pollute

My three water quality resolutions for the coming months:

Finish Water Quality Rap Music.

Complete quadrant 4's stormwater inlet mapping thus completing said mapping for the entire town.

Complete dry weather screening for noted sections of Turkey Creek.