April 5, 2012

Scavenger Spotlight - Manic Marigold & Despondent Daffodil

On the heels of Lil' Cents comes Manic Marigold and his alter-ego Despondent Daffodil!  With a tender heart, MM & DD give us some insight into green gardening practices and the benefits of rain gardens.

Be sure to visit our flowery friend at EarthFest this year as he is a critical part of the whimsical scavenger hunt!

Manic Marigold/Despondent Daffodil
HometownOptimist Falls
Occupation: Life Coach
Advocacy: Green Gardening

Of Anther
Of Calyx
Of Petals
Of Leaves

Of chemical cocktails
And nutrient schemes

As water falls down
Infiltrate as we will
Beautiful rain gardens
Make a happy Daffodil

It’s a joyful thing
Despite being a shallow depression
Of native flowers and shrubs
For your backyard progression

Does as it will
Clogging up drainage
Rainwater to swill

Nutrient enrichment
does what you expect
leaving thick trails of algae
when left unchecked

Best management practices
Put into place
Leave big, goofy grins
On Marigold’s face

Invasives, erosion
And those un-green things
Leave Daffodil frowning
Even in Spring

Do what you can
All it takes to start
A couple of flowers
In your shopping cart

Come this spring
A rainwater troop
Infiltrating pollution
In one fell swoop

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