February 28, 2012

Our Treeless Future

I have been working closely with Lauren from the Town's Parks and Leisure department in implementing a fun program to promote Arbor Day to students at Farragut Intermediary.  The group of students we are working with are part of the Kiwanis Kids Club after school program.  These K-Kids have been charged with developing posters for display at Town Hall.  Their poster creations must convey the theme 'Our Treeless Future'.  Their posters will be on display at the Town Hall next month.  Towards the end of the art showing a local artist will award a Best in Show prize as well as a winner from each grade - 3rd, 4th, and 5th. 

I have had a blast working with the K-Kids.  Frankly I wish they had more time to work on their posters simply because it would mean getting to hang out with them again.  One student even took extra time to draw me Pokemon after I complimented his Arbor Day sketches.  They now adorn my desk space.

Here are some of the entries we have received thus far:

I think this may be my personal favorite.  Simple but it gets the point across.

This 3rd Grader put a lot of work into his poster.  I'm a big fan of the smokey paper mill.

This 4th Grader certainly got the point of the theme.

Treehouses are fun!

This student even came up with her own quote at the top!  Cool!

I'm digging this use of perspective with the road.
And lastly my poster.  I think I'm something like a 21st grader.  Sadly I am the only competitor in my class :/

February 22, 2012


Sometimes envious of his cousin Recyclosaurus, Franklin Fossil is finally making a name for himself via the EarthFest blog - check it out!

Scavenger Spotlight - Franklin Fossil

Franklin Fossil
Fuel Pit Falls
Fossil Fuel Conservation

Q: We haven’t seen many dinosaurs at EarthFest before – what prompted you to come out this year?
A: When you spend the first part of your life inside of an egg you get a lot of free time to think about what is important to you, who you will become, and what you will do in life.  I tried my hand at a lot of things before realizing my passion for the environment.  I even tried being a sculptor for a while, but you know…tiny arms.  EarthFest is a great place to explore environmental concerns that I care about while also becoming more informed on issues that I may be less aware of. 
Besides, it runs in my family.  You may know my cousin, Recyclosaurus.   

Q: So, preventing the bones of your kind from becoming a tank of gas.  Isn’t that a little…dark?

A: Fun fact – fossil fuels contain no components derived from dinosaurs.  While imagery of dinosaurs becoming modern day coal is ever present in our society, fossil fuels are actually composed of decayed and compressed vegetative matter; not Triceratops and Stegosaurus’.   Being a dinosaur and a fossil fuel conservancy advocate is a lot more coincidental than people think.

Q:  Good to know!  So, where will I be able to find you at EarthFest this year?

A: I am privileged to be participating in the EarthFest Scavenger hunt this year.  You can find me and several other strange looking but very vocal creatures roaming around the grounds spouting out good information.  Come visit each of us for a stamp on your Scavenger Hunt Passport for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

February 13, 2012


My partner in crime, Recyclosaurus, made an appearance at this weekend's E-Waste Recycling event at Chilhowee park.  Dozens of volunteers came together to help recycle tons of electronics from scanners to cell phones.  Hosted by Knox County Solid Waste, they got a little promo help from this prehistoric oaf.

It snowed that day.  He needed a Jurassic Parka.

The laptop box after just the first few cars went through.


 Best Conversation of the day:

"Recyclosaurus, you would love the recycling posters on the University of Tennessee Campus!"

"Funny you should say that.  I made them!  Rawr!"