April 9, 2012

First Friday

I'd like to extend a big thanks to everyone who came out to see me at the Emporium on Friday as part of the outreach promoting EarthFest. Not only did we get the chance to inform people about EarthFest, local environmental artwork was displayed, the recycled wetland sculptures were featured,  I got a chance to show off my recycling posters, and Francis the Judgement Unicorn made his big debut as a whimsical EarthFest character.

Though we didn't set out to raise money for Keep Knoxville Beautiful, people wanted to donate in order to take pictures with Francis.  Sure, why not?

Francis being fed a carrot from his whimsical counterpart Mother Earth.

My recycling posters + recycled wetland sculptures = win!
Unicorn Poster, EarthFest Poster, AND Dinosaur poster?!
Grace, the AmeriCorps Member for Keep Knoxville Beautiful, sports her First Friday wear.
Francis will be at the Kid's Area during EarthFest :)
Who is more excited about having their picture taken?  Tough call.

It was a unicorn kind of day.

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