April 10, 2012

Scavenger Spotlight - Kelly Crayfish

Did Manic Marigold make you smile?  Did Despondent Daffodil bring you back down to earth?  Either way take a moment to let the heroic tale of Kelly Crayfish another whimsical character at this year's EarthFest.

Kelly Crayfish

HometownSediment Shoals
Occupation: Part-Time Legend
Advocacy: Water Quality

On a beautiful day she came our way, yes Kelly Crayfish came out to play. 
A life underwater was not for her,  so many things to see, the pine, the fir. 
As she crawled to shore much to her surprise, no friendly faces to greet, just the buzzing of flies.
No big trees loomed over, no shrubs on the ground, just brown open land, the green all cut down.
No roots to hold soil, no leaves to clean air, just loose plots of earth left open, left bare.
A few candy wrappers were all she could see, a couple of bottles, old cans, debris.
The flies buzzed so loud she turned her tail, but there it was, a sight, a smell.

The rain came down carrying with it the dirt, strange things it was bringing, loose papers, a shirt.
When the dirt washed down she saw what was at stake, a big mud puddle out of her beautiful lake.
She rushed underwater to warn all her folks, something bad was coming, no joshing, no hoax.
When they all stepped out to see the commotion, Kelly got an idea, it was put into motion.

Crayfish swam to the shore not empty handed, carrying seeds in their claws as Kelly commanded
Quickly they worked as the water did drain, but not once a complaint, not one groan of pain
The water got muddy as one might expect, but Kelly kept hoping they’d keep it in check
The weeks went by not able to see, but their hopes remained strong with the promise of trees

One by one the seeds started to sprout, and one by one the crayfish came out
An from the tribe came laughter and cheer, no more bad feelings when the sky was not clear
The trees held the soil with big heavy veins, no clouds of brown water the next time it rains
And Kelly had found the adventure she lacked,  known as  hero with her home still intact
The crayfish went back to just as they were, and Kelly had seen them, the pine, the fir.

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