September 19, 2011

GaGa Said So.

It is a new week and a chance to learn new things.  If there is anything that AmeriCorps teaches you it is flexibility.  One day you might be re-roofing a house and the very next you are teaching a bunch of eighth graders about nutrition.  While this week is not going to be a pendulum such as that, I still get to venture into new territory which I am excited about. 

Instead of the walking-centric mapping that I've been working on this past week I will be diving into my Adopt-a-Stream responsibilities as well as taking full advantage of flexing my creativity muscle in preparing for this weekend's Picnic on the Pike event.  You see, I get to decorate the recycle bins for the event.  In doing so I have got to use Microsoft Publisher for the first time...and I think I did pretty well.  Here are a few of the designs for the bins that I've come up with so far.  I even made the Lolcat one myself!

These are just some rough ideas and again, this is my first time doing something quite like this...but I think these will serve their purpose.  If Lady GaGa can't make people recycle their cola cans then no one can.

Until next time.


Liz Gaston said...

I am exceedingly happy that some of these posters now adorn the walls of the sparse WQT office. We may not have a fancy building, but at least our room is decorated with Gaga's image. And we will always remember to recycle.

Rusty Graham said...

Clever!! Perhaps you should have gone to school for trash can design instead?

I especially love the mythical narwhal poster!