May 21, 2012

International Biscuit Festival

In what other city can I find out about a festival and within a few hours be Mr. International Biscuit Festival 2012?  I don't think there is any place like Knoxville.

This weekend my musical outlet, Mystery Mammal, collaborated with my water quality AmeriCorps partner in crime Kelsey Hensley to bring the citizens of Knoxville Yoko Carbo and the Biscuit Submarine.  We were proud to accept the Golden Biscuit Award considering it took us the same amount of time to write and produce a song as it does to make a batch of biscuits.

I love this city.
The Mr. and Mrs. Biscuit Pageant. 
Photo from Knoxville Urban Guy

Yoko Carbo and the Biscuit Submarine.

Best trophy ever.
Biscuit tweeted!

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