May 15, 2012


The first 500 flew by.
I reached 1,500 by Halloween.
By the time November came I was halfway through at around 2,000.
The start of the fourth quadrant was marked by number 2,500.
By 3000 I was certain I was nearing the end.

And now here I am.  #3,387 marks the very end of my stormwater inlet mapping.

Originally charged with having the first quadrant of Farragut mapped by the end of my corps year, I have officially finished mapping the entirety of the Town.  That's right.  All four quadrants.  Frankly I think I blew through it so quickly mostly because of how much I enjoy the experience of GIS Mapping.  There's something kind of zen and adventurous about visiting my little storm drain friends be them on Kingston Pike or in secret hidey-holes around town. 

#3,387 turned out not to be a storm drain at all but a different kind of stormwater inlet.  A curb-cut.  I found this guy to be a particularly good fit to end on.  This drainage enters directly into Turkey Creek - which is where all these drainages end up eventually.  Often less directly than this however.

It has been an adventure my dear inlets.  I am sure we will have time together again before I leave, but if we don't, know that I enjoyed what time we had!

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