May 9, 2012

EarthFest - The Creature Feature

It feels like I have been waiting forever to post about EarthFest!  Unfortunately my work computer hasn't felt up to letting me use blogger these last couple of weeks so I have had to delay it until now.

The summary of EarthFest 2012?  It was awesome.

Whimsical characters abounded, hundreds participated in the educational scavenger hunt, and a lot of people left that day knowing a little more about being good stewards of the environment.  What more could one ask for?  All in all it was a blast to participate.  It was very fulfilling to see the whimsical characters come to life just as though they hopped off of the EarthFest Blog and into real life.

The Trash Bag Monster- a huge hit with the kids.

Franklin Fossil talks to some scavenger hunters - Photo by Jason Scott.

Franklin Fossil, Grace (as herself), Big K, and Mother Earth.

Latch <3's Kelly Crayfish.

Big K the water quality kangaroo draws whimsical images for the scavenger players.

I'll take a unicorn please.

Alice Aster stamps a EF scavenger passport.

The Trash Monster and his Wrangler talk to a group of participants.

Kelly Crayfish helps a scavenger player complete her passport.

Lath the Tick shares a scavenger clue.
AmeriCorps - Get Things Done.  Make Whimsy Happen.

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