March 28, 2012

Scavenger Spotlight - Lil' Cents

Move over Franklin Fossil, Lil' Cents is here.

Lil' Cents will be a particularly vocal scavenger clue at this year's EarthFest.  Check out her character profile!

Lil’ Cents
HometownWalletsville (Corner of Savings and Loans)
Occupation: Financial Planner
Advocacy: Green Means Business

In wallets I’m a passenger
At EarthFest a clue for Scavenger
Dropping knowledge like I drop my $wagger

Ben Franklin on my gear
Not accidental
Green Means Business this year
Talking Environmental

The words I speak with fervency
With matters of conservancy
Turning policy into affluency
Drafting ideas just like currency

Tennessee saves 28 million by planting trees
Save a percent on AC every time you adjust one degree
LED save $700 over the life of a light
Fix a faucet, save a gallon overnight

April 21st write it down
I’ll be in Town
All things eco will be going down

Rap with me
I’ll teach you a trick or two
Look for Ben Franklin with the rest of the scavenger crew

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