December 19, 2011

The Screen Door

Here in Farragut we don't call our community volunteers just anything that denotes unpaid service.  Oh no.  Here they are called 'Farragut's Unsung Navy'.  Epic.

I have the fortune of working with a member of Farragut's Unsung Navy (though now that I've blogged about her is she technically sung?) in completing dry weather screening for our Stormwater Matters program.  What does dry weather screening entail?  Well you see, Jessica and I have the very fun job of donning waders and walking miles of stream to search for illicit discharges into Turkey Creek.

This would be an example of an outlet we would map and assess for discharges.

Here's an example of a outlet that would be mapped and assessed - a sprinkler system intake/discharge.

Jess uses GPS technology to map stormwater outlets.

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