November 4, 2011

What is Adopt-A-Stream?

Well I am so glad you asked.

I really enjoy the work I do helping to coordinate Farragut's Adopt-A-Stream program.  It is a chance for me to interact with active community members while also indulging my love for being outside and making an obvious impact in a specific area.  Sometimes you come across really cool trash like this sweet Grapette soda can I found in Turkey Creek yesterday.  That's history right there.  Just think, this discarded can of pop predates Farragut's incorporation. She missed out on so many major life events here in America - The finale episode of The Golden Girls where we all said a teary goodbye to Bea Arthur, the Nancy Karrigen lead pipe debacle, and the rise and fall of Fred Durst who was largely considered the Mozart of our time.  You know, biggies like that.

Grapette - now in one delicious flavor! Grape!

Now through my historic trash adoption program this Grapette can will never be left in the dark again.  Currently I am catching it up on the 'Dallas' series (she never got to see who shot J.R).  Not all creek trash gets such special consideration however.  Just the other week Farragut High School's JROTC group picked up over 400lbs of refuse including a lawn chair, a working bicycle, and enough rebar to recreate the Megazord robot from Power Rangers.  All of that trash got the special consideration of just being diverted from the stream.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

Rebar Megazord...70% recycled steel, 100% awesome.

Wow, this sounds like a fun way to help increase the ecological integrity and beautify my community you say.  You're right.  It is both of those things.  So how does it work?  Another good question.  A group or individual can adopt a section of their choice and of varying lengths.  The length of the stream is determined -o-n the number of volunteers available to help clean up, the amount of time and effort to be put forth into your adoption, and the difficulty or ease of a certain length of terrain.  The Adopt-A-Stream group should then strive to complete one stream walk, three stream watches, a pipe and drainage inventory, and two stream cleanups a year.  More information on those responsibilities can be found here.

Farragut High's  ROTC in the latest wader fashions.

All of your supplies (trendy waders, fashionable safety vests, fifty gallon trash bags, etc.) are provided for you and you don't even have to throw away the trash yourself because we will do it for you!  Good deal right? Plus you get a snazzy blue sign on the side of the road with your group's name on it.  So all in all Adopt-A-Stream is win-win.  How many things can you say that about?

If you are interested in adopting a section of stream in Farragut you can reach me at the Town Hall at 865-966-7057.  Contact information for Knoxville and Knox County can be found here.

So go out there and clean some streams!

And don't forget to enjoy the great taste of Grapette today!

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