October 31, 2011

Doodle or Puff?

October was a busy, busy month for Mr. Joshua.

I've given out rubber duckies to the local children for the town's annual Freaky Friday event, cleaned up a big section of Turkey Creek with Farragut High School's JROTC, staggered down Market Square in Knoville with my fellow undead for the Knoxville Zombie Walk, reached lucky number 1500 for storm drains mapped, got my Knoxville know-it-all card stamped when I went to a UT game and visited the Knox Zoo, brought a spork to life, and I found a cheez doodle in a storm drain.

I hesitate to even mention the cheez doodle.  You would have had to of been there I guess.  It was more exciting than it seems.

As a Water Quality Assistant (or President of Farragut if you will) I have been playing the part of both the reflective vest wearing field worker and the faux Micheal Bay with a spork equally and with success.  So prepare for more fascinating GIS updates as well as more green screen nonsense and utensil utilization.

Now, time to end this wonderful month with some zombie movies, candy, and a sense of accomplishment.

Thank you and good day.

I say stuff,  I bring trash bags, I take videos.

A chupacabra.  Some people call them mercats.  Anywho, they're at the zoo. 
The letter T or an upside down sailboat with a tall mast?

No brains down the storm drains.

Everything about this girl's performance is perfect.  The eyes, the rolled ankle, the I seem slow but I could eat your brains before you say 'how cute' smile.  Love it.

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